Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace

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Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace

What is Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace?

Charcoal carbonization furnace is a kind of new air flow type carbonization stove. It is used to make charcoal from wood and all kinds of biomass. It adopts new advanced hot air carbonizing technology, greatly improves the carbonization rate to 99%, compared with the carbonization rate 80% of traditional carbonization stove! This kind stove is safe and easy to operate, thus it is very famous among many industries like charcoal making industry and boiler industry!

The tube of fume extraction will recycle the gas flow which come from the inner stove during the carbonizing process for continue warming the stove, and it will save 70% energy consumption and recycle 95% smoking.

Raw Materials Available for Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace

Environmentally carbonization furnace is a new type charcoal machine, it could deal with wood waste, wood branch, sawdust briquette, palm shell, coconut shell and etc.

Final Products from Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace

What is the Process of Lifting Type Carbonization Furnace

Our professional team can provide you with free production line planning according to your requirements!

Packaging & Shipping

1. All the machines will be wrapped up with plastic film first (including the motor).
2. The plastic film bag wrapped machine, according to the size and weight to make wooden box or iron box, put machine in and fixed the box after loading. (The box material can be made as your requirements)
3. The machine parts need to be put in a fixed container, should be fixed well, lest
collision and wear, or lost.

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