Continous Carbonization Furnace

No Pollution 24 hours working continuous carbonization furnace

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Continous Carbonization Furnace

What’s Continuous Carbonization Furnace ?

Continuous Carbonization Furnace is a new type of environmentally friendly carbonization equipment. The biomass material is converted to charcoal after passing through a carbonization stove and can be further processed. Compared with other carbonization equipment, this carbonization furnace for briquette can work continuously for 24 hours to achieve high output, so it is called continuous carbonization furnace. The entire production process does not produce harmful gases, does not pollute the environment, and is excellent in various carbonization furnaces.

Continous Carbonization Furnace uses the combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc. produced by the insufficient combustion of biomass raw materials during the carbonization process, and separates impurities such as wood tar and wood acetic acid through the flue gas purification device to obtain pure combustible gas.

Raw Materials and Final Products

Continous Carbonization Furnace is mainly used for:
olive seeds, nut shells, animal bones,peanut shells, sawdust, corn stalks, bagasse, tree branches, rice husks,bamboo chips, sorghum stalks, sunflower husks, coconut shells, apricot husks, coffee grounds,cotton stalks , Chinese medicine residue, hemp stalk, palm shell, electronic waste, cans,waste wires, sludge, household garbage and other materials with biomass properties are carbonized.

Carbonization Process

A-Drying stage: temperature 160-200 ℃ in the process of evaporation of water in the raw materials.The wood chips are fully in contact with hot air and then discharged from the output air locker for machine carbonizatio.
B-Initial carbonization stage: temperature is 200-400℃, the raw materials are self-igniting, and thermal decomposition reaction occurs. In this process, there will be CO₂, CO and wood acetic acid production.
C-Overall carbonization stage: temperature is 400-800℃, the material is fully carbonized, in the process there are CH₄, C₂H₂ and other combustible gases, providing flammable gas for the initial carbonization stage.
D-Cooling stage: temperature 260-280℃.

Models and Types of Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

ModelCapacityMotor PowerWeightSize(M)

Unique Continuous Carbonization Furnace Design from Chengjinlai

You can purchase with confidence as our products are guaranteed to be of high quality and manufactured strictly according to national and international standards.

Charcoal Making Process

We have professional engineer team can provide flow chart solution base on your project infos, like: raw material, processing capacity, usage etc, please contact us if you need. We can make the most suitable production line for your plant.

♦Firstly, rice husk, sawdust or other biomass are crushed by dust free crusher and dryer.
♦Secondly, biomass powder can be shaped by sawdust briquette machine.
♦In the end, sawdust stick can be carbonized by carbonization furnace.
The whole charcoal furnace stove, charcoal machine burn wood and rice husk carbonization furnace production line are fully automatic.

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3, Special packing requirement as customers requirement.

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