Hydraulic Shisha BBQ Press Machine

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Hydraulic Shisha BBQ Press Machine

What is Hydraulic Shisha BBQ Press Machine?

Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine is the latest hydraulic waterpipe charcoal tableting equipment developed by our factory.It is one of the main equipment for charcoal briquette.

The equipment can press blue charcoal, coke dust, charcoal powder, ash powder, fertilizer and other powders, and make the materials into agglomerates through high pressure.

The machine has the advantages of high output, simple operation, excellent performance and convenient maintenance.

Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine can be molded in one second through high pressure, and the block density is high, and various molds can be replaced according to different needs.

Raw Materials Available for Hydraulic Shisha BBQ Press Machine

There are many seeming useless material in the world, like coconut shell, waste wood charcoal, bamboo, crystal carbon,carbon powder,coking coal, lime powder, iron fine powder and various metal mineral powders etc,.Our machine can make recycling for these material, and make these material become usefull product, then can make profit.

If your raw materials don’t meet the requirements,don’t worry, we have different production process to deal with the raw material into the desired powder,then to produce shisha and barbecue charcoal sticks.

This equipment can produce round, square, convex-concave, rectangular and triangular shaped sheets; various special shapes can be customized according to customer requirements, the surface of the finished product is smooth and clean, and the pressure and density of the equipment can be adjusted by itself.

Unique Hydraulic Shisha BBQ Press Machine Design

1.Hydraulic pump
Shisha charcoal briquette machine use hydraulic type, so it have hydraulic pressure station. Pressure can reach 100-200 tons. And have pressure gage on the hydraulic station. Also there have pump outside, can ensure the safety, with cooling system.
2.PLC system
The PLC system enable hookah making machine work automatically or manually, the pressure and pressing times can also be adjusted.
Mold shape can be cubic, round, hexagonal, finger shape or customized. Also you can use this machine with different mould for different shape of briquette.
4.Hydraulic cylinder
This part is used to offer pressure, so that final briquette will have high density and very hardness.

Working Principle

When the Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine is working, the materials after bonding and mixing are injected into the hopper manually or by a conveyor belt, and pressure is provided by a hydraulic pump station.

The rear cart pushes the material to the forming mold, and the upper mold pressure head presses down to put the material in a static state.

The next stamping and forming, the lower stamping head pushes to the platform, after the cart pushes the material to the conveyor belt, and then conveys it out by the conveyor belt.

What is the Hookah Charcoal Briquette Machine Product Line?

♣ 1.Carbonization furnace
make charcoal from coconut shell,oak,beech,pine,eucalyptus and etc.
♣ 2.Charcoal crusher
crush charcoal into charcoal powder,below 3 mm.
♣ 3.Binder Mixer
mix charcoal powder and binder.
♣ 4.Shisha charcoal machine
Use different briquettepress machine produce different shisha charcoal.
♣ 5.Dryer
Wet briqeuttes not easy delivery and in stock,so you must need dryer,new style hot pump dryer has PLC

Packaging & Shipping

Hydraulic Bbq Charcoal Press Machine will be wrapped up with plastic film first (including the motor).
The plastic film bag wrapped machine, according to the size and weight to make wooden or iron box, put machine in and fixed the box after loading. (The box material can be made as your requirements)
The shisha charcoal machine parts need to be put in a fixed container, should be fixed well, lest collision and wear, or lost.

1. Only one set of shisha charcoal press machine/hookah charcoal briquette machine will be packed in wooden case and delivered by LCL.
2. Several sets of shisha charcoal press making machine or machines of production line will be loaded in container for delivery. Container delivery will be package by waterproof fabric or as customers’ requirements.

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Pls let we know if you have visiting plan and we’ll pick you up at airport/ railway station!Looking forward your coming!

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