Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

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Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

What’s Horizontal Carbonization Furnace ?

Horizontal charcoal furnace is easy operate and maintain, higher safety, energy saving ,high carbonization rate, Smokeless, little pollution, coconut shell carbonization stove, which can dry the materials with the superfluous energy produced in the process of carbonization, 6-8 hours per stove and can work continuously. The tube of fume extraction will recycle the gas flow which come from the inner stove during the carbonizing process for continue warming the stove, and it will save 70% energy consumption and recycle 95% smoking.

Unique Horizontal Carbonization Furnace Design

▶ Thermometer : Measuring furnace temperature.
▶ Sealing cap:Seal to maintain the temperature inside the furnace, to ensure into a good effect of carbonization.
▶ Combustion Chamber: Fire the furnace and to make the charcoal. There is the combustible gas to produce and this gas can be sent to the bottom of the fire mouth to let the machine heat.
Carbonization Chamber:The raw materials are thermally decomposed in combustion chamber to generate a large amount of acetic acid, methanol, wood tar and other liquid products; also produced combustible gases such as methane and ethylene.
▶ Smoke recovery system:The flammable gases are treated by flue gas purification, and are returned to the carbonization machine for burning, providing heat to the carbonization furnace, increasing the furnace temperature, and generating carbon at high temperatures.

Raw Materials Available for Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

Models and Types of Horizontal Carbonization Furnace for Sale


Working principle

When horizontal carbonization furnace is working, put the materials that meet the requirements (size less than 20cm, moisture content less than 20%) into the carbonization basket, and then be fed into the carbonization furnace by the kiln car; after the furnace door is sealed, conduct anaerobic heating and pass Dehumidification is pyrolyzed into combustible gas, tar and carbon;

The gas produced in this process is processed by the flue gas purification device to achieve smokeless emission; the combustible gas is collected and passed to the bottom of the furnace as a subsequent heat source.

Product Advantages

(1)The furnace body is designed in three layers, and the furnace door is made of thickened material, which is not deformed. The furnace door is equipped with flame-retardant thermal insulation cotton and asbestos packing is installed at the joints, which has good airtightness, good thermal insulation and fuel saving.

(2)Advanced flue gas purification and recovery device saves fuel and is pollution-free.

(3)The design of the kiln car saves labor and is convenient to operate compared to the hoisting carbonization furnace.

(4)There are various heating methods, such as wood, coal, and natural gas.

(5)The heating area is large, the internal temperature is high, and the carbonized product has a good effect.

Packaging & Shipping

1,Small size equipment is packed by wooden case which delivery by LCL shipping .
2, Big size equipment is water-proof packing which delivery by full container load,small parts will be packed into wooden case.
3, Special packing requirement as customers requirement.

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