Mechanical Shisha Press Machine

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Mechanical Shisha Press Machine

What is Mechanical Shisha Press Machine?

The Mechanical Shisha Press Machine can be used as large and medium-sized press equipment such as hookah charcoal press, carbon powder press, animal salt block press and so on.
This series of presses are suitable for compression molding of hookah charcoal, crystal charcoal, silicon carbide, carbon powder, coal powder, coking coal, iron powder, etc.

Raw Materials Available for Mechanical Shisha Press Machine

Any types of charcoal can be used for charcoal bricket making machine to make shisha charcoal, such as wood charcoal,coconut shell charcoal,bamboo charcoal, also wood,tree branches,coconut shell and etc.

Final Products from Mechanical Shisha Press Machine

1.Size and shapes of final briquette:
♦Round size: 20-50mm
♦Square size: 15-55mm (according to clients’ request)
♦Shape: diamond, cuboid, ringlike, rhomboid, triangular form, cylinder, scrotiform, pyramid, convexity, concavity, round, square, rectangle, triangle, cylinder, cone, and other geometric products. It also can press with words, brand, pattern, trademarks, various special shapes, double layers with two color, tri-layer with three color and so on.
If you require any shape, please tel me the extract size, then we can design the mold for you.

After changing the mold, the material can be pressed into sheet-like (Ф15-Ф50mm) square, rectangular, ring, rhombus, triangle,cylinder, capsule, cone, convex, concave and other products with various geometric shapes.It can also press with text, trademark,pattern, double-layer two-color film, three-layer three-color film and various special shapes.

2. Characteristics:
♦ Square shape shisha charcoal can burn for about 1-1.5 hours.
♦ Round briquettes shisha charcoal can burn for about 40 minutes.
♦ The outlet shisha charcoal are good looking, firepower fierce, smokeless, tasteless, non toxic, long buning, high heat, easy light or normal light.
♦ The shisha charcoal uses quick burning charcoal technology, can burn from the top to down.

3.Wide application:
♦briquettes machine can be applied to the shisha coal and charcoal, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, building material, refractory material, resistant materials, etc.
♦It can be used for the church perfume lit and Arab hookah use.

What is the Mechanical Shisha Press Machine Production Line?

1. If the raw material is charcoal powder or charcoal lump, the production line process is:
Crusher -> Mixer -> Feeder -> Mechanical Shisha Press Machine -> Dryer
2. If the raw material is biomass materials, such as coconut shell, bamboo, wood, palm kernel, fruit kernel, etc., we need to add a carbonizer before based on above process:
Carbonizer -> Crusher -> Mixer -> Feeder -> Mechanical Shisha Press Machine -> Dryer

We design the production line according your raw materials, the demand(capacity, the shape and size of briquette you want), budget.
We can offer the different charcoal briquette machine and production line for your choose.

Packaging & Shipping

1. Single hookah charcoal press will be packed in wooden case and delivered by LCL.
2. The production line of shisha charcoal press will be loaded in container for delivery.

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