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Charcoal Extrude Machine

What is Charcoal Extrude Machine?

Charcoal briquette molding machine can make coal and charcoal powder into sticks. This is the first step to make charcoal. The shape of the sticks can be made by customers’ requirements. The final product made by this machine is no pollution or smoke. It is suitable for charcoal powder, wood charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, rice husk charcoal powder, charcoal dust, coal powder.

Raw Materials Available for Charcoal Extrude Machine

Charcoal briquette molding machine is suitable for charcoal powder, wood charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, rice husk charcoal powder, coal powder and so on.

Final Products from Charcoal Extrude Machine

It is recommended that customers purchase machines that can be equipped with molds of different shapes. The normal mold sizes are cylindrical, square, hexagonal, round and other shapes you are interested in.

Working Principle of Charcoal Extrude Machine

The motor transmits power to the transmission through the trangle belt ,and the output shaft of the transmission transmits power to the propulsion shaft through the floating coupling.The propeller on the propulsion shaft pushes the coal material out through the forming die head,and the high pressure coal rod is produced.

1.National certified carbon steel as machine base and frame;
2.100% copper coil motors;
3.High quality gear box used;
4.High manganese alloy propeller and #45 steel moulds.

What is the Process of Charcoal Extrude Machine?

Charcoal crusher:
It is used to pulverize biomass charcoal into powder. The powder is less than 3mm.If your raw material is less than 3mm. You can go directly to the next process without choosing to smash.
Grinding wheel mixer:
The mixer is an important machine in the production line. We mainly use this machine to mix the charcoal powder and the binder together. The material processed by this machine is easy to shape.
Charcoal extrude machine:
The charcoal extrude machine is the most important machine in this production line. Many shapes you want can be produced, such as cylindrical, square column, hexagonal, square, etc.
Drying equipment:
This drying equipment is used to dry the formed raw materials.

Other charcoal forming equipment is also available for you to choose!

Models and Types of Charcoal Extrude Machine for Sale


Packaging & Shipping

Charcoal briquette molding machine will be wrapped up with plastic film first (including the motor).
The plastic film bag wrapped machine, according to the size and weight to make wooden or iron box, put machine in and fixed the box after loading. (The box material can be made as your requirements)

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