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Iron Concentrates Briquette Machine

Iron ore concentrates briquettes production process is similar to oxide iron briquetting,it add a certain proportion of adhesive,after mixing evenly, briquetting them into briquettes, then drying these briquettes, directly into the smelting furnace for sintering smelting. Zhongzhou hydraulic iron ore concentrates briquette machine is specially designed for iron powder, iron oxide, oxide coating, iron scale, iron ore concentrates,iron mud to make briquettes, high pressure, stable operation, high productivity, high degree of automation, production efficiency, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, so Chengjinlai iron ore concentrate briquette machine are welcomed by many domestic and foreign enterprises.

The iron ore concentrates briquette production line process(cold press)

First of all, the collection of raw materials piled up in the specified site, after screening (The large granular impurities, such as iron block elimination) , put a certian amount of coal, iron ore concentrates and flux into a mixing equipment together, here you can use a roller type mixer or the horizontal two shafts mixer to complete mixng process, then carry them into high pressure briquette machine to press briquettes, customer always set up a vertical dryer to make iron ore briquettes drying if they had high capacity production, the small project can let briquettes in nature air to be drying, The intensity of briquettes after drying is very good, user can pile up or loading final briquettes transport to the use place.

The process characteristics of iron ore concentrate briquettes production line

1) to add a binder for the ordinary cement, the cost is very low. The cement added briquettes are easy to be bursted when encounter high temperature in furnace, has advantages of fast slag forming.
2)The strength of cold briquettes with cement is very high, it is not easy to be broken in the transporting . To avoid loss in the fan sucked in the converter, improve the utilization rate of iron oxide scales, reduce the burden of dust collector.
3) Other accessories can be added into raw materials as needed, such as adding water quenched slag, dust, slag and other mineral powder.
4) The briquettes only be dired by nature air, the strength of oxide iron briquettes after 2-3 days of air drying can meet the using requirement, you can save a lot of energy costs.
5) The whole set equipment is simple (high pressure briquette machine, vibration screen, silo, roller type mixers and conveyors etc.), the total investment of equipment is not more than 46,000US dallors, all equipment except high pressure briquette machine can be manufactured by customer self. these equipment occupied small area.

The requirement for raw materials of iron concentrates briquettes production:

  • the particle size of the raw material should be between 0-5mm.
  • can not contain impurities, especially large metal. Such as nails, or iron, rocks, it very likely damage roller and spindle..
  • the feeding of whole produciton line should be stable, even, ensure workloads of briquette machine stable, to get high efficiency of production.

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Chengjinlai company based on metallurgical briquette equipment technical services, to create maximum value for clients, The iron  concentrates briquette machine we produced has the high pressure, high finished product rate, high strength, fully meet the requirements of the operation of converter steelmaking, cost reduction for the production practice of converter smelting, optimized operation,shorten the smelting practice, speed up the rhythm of steel making, create the conditions for the realization of maximum benefit, we sincerely welcome all steel enterprises to explore, mutual benefit and win-win!

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