Aluminum Dust Briquette Machine

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Aluminum Dust Briquette Machine

Aluminum dust briquette machine, also be named AD briquette machine, aluminum ash briquette machine, aluminum ash is product of the molten slag which is cooled in the production process of electrolytic aluminum or cast aluminum.

Aluminum dust briquette machine is mainly used dry pressing typel, the whole process of pressing briquettes without any moisture and adhesive, direct forming,it has high pressure. Composition of aluminum ash briquette machine includes motor, reducer, belt, roller, gear, chassis, frame, pressure feed device, pressure device and the discharge device etc.

Chengjinlai aluminum dust briquette machine adpot taper assembly for rollers, easy discharging rollers, saving time and save labor. Supporting equipment to provide a one-stop solution. Equipment maintenance is simple, the loss is small, the technical problems can be sloved through contacting with us at any time, we provide a full range of technical support to solve your worries in 24 hours.

Purchase guidance:

Please inform the production requirements, the size of briquettes into its shape, the parameter table is based on the capacity of our company’s standard briquettes size, calculated as the density of lime into the briquettes.

Chengjinlai Briquette Machinery Plant has formed a research and development, design, manufacture, test and service of professional equipment manufacturers in China briquette machine industry, and equipped with the perfect test room of briquette machine , our factory can determine the process process and process parameters, and complete the model selection and design and manufacture based on users’ material through experiment, that is the most complete and specific briquette machine manufacturing base. Welcome to visit our factory!

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