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Coal Briquette Machine

Applications of coal briquettes pressed by coal briquetting machine

The civilian briquettes is used in cooking, heating, hot water, food, services industry. The industrial coal briquettes is used in steam engines, gas furnace, industrial furnaces, metallurgical industry.

Project Description of coal briquette machine/coal briquetting machine

Due to the modern cutting coal machine mining will produced large of coal dust , the powdery coal in market is in low value and low efficiency , only as low-level fuel processing, it caused a great of resources waste, and the powdery coal produced large of dust in storage and transit, pollution environment, so using pressure ball machine put coal powder pressure into block, instead of lump should for life live, metallurgical, chemical, carbide industry:

1.Pulverized into residents of briquettes can be used for cooking, heating and can be used for diet service used for burning.
2.In iron-smelting industry, coal, coke, iron ore, dolomite and other items according to a certain craft balls, iron, iron costs can be reduced, improving utilization and production of iron.
3.In the fertilizer industry, join the certain proportion of adhesive to anthracite, pressure the ball machine balls, can replace coal gasification, economic benefit is huge.
4.Coal briquettes can be used for lime made from plants, ceramics factory, glass factory, power plant, instead of coal, cost savings.
5.Coal, anthracite, coal, lignite and peat Burns very easily broken or cracked, so you need to use the ball machine balls adding additives to lower ash content, improved thermal stability, made into briquettes with high performance.
So the coal briquetting machine pressed into a ball can improve the added value of coal, environmental protection, energy saving, high and low pressure ball project investment as a whole benefit.

A complete coal briquettes production plant includes crusher, feeder, mixer, dryer, coal briquette machine/ briquetting machine and conveyor. The final coal briquettes can be used as fuel and also in cement industry and other industries using boilers for steam generation.

The requirement for raw materials of coal briquette machine/coal briquetting machine production

1, the particle size of the raw material should be between 0-5mm.
2, can not contain impurities, especially large metal. Such as nails, or iron, rocks, it very likely damage roller and spindle..
3, the feeding of whole produciton line should be stable, even, ensure workloads of briquette machine stable, to get high efficiency of production.

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