Industry dynamics

Working principle of Continous Carbonization Furnace

A-Drying stage: temperature 160-200 ℃ in the process of evaporation of water in the raw materials.The wood chips are fully in contact with hot air and then discharged from the output air locker for machine carbonizatio.B-Initial carbonization stage: temperature is 200-400℃, the raw materials are self-igniting, and thermal decomposition reaction occurs. In this process, there will be CO₂, CO ……

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Working principle of Sawdust Extrude Machine

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Working principle of Charcoal Extrude Machine

The motor transmits power to the transmission through the trangle belt ,and the output shaft of the transmission transmits power to the propulsion shaft through the floating coupling.The propeller on the propulsion shaft pushes the coal material out through the forming die head,and the high pressure coal rod is produced.

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Working principle of Ball Charcoal Briquettes Machine

From the working principle, it can be seen that the quality of the ball blank after pressing is directly related to the spiral shape, speed, pre pressure, etc. when the host machine fixes the roller speed, so the pre pressing spiral speed must be adjustable, and it has a significant impact on the properties of the powder, particle size, and ball forming process (dry and wet). Generally speak……

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