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What is the value of Biochar?

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a kind of biochar that has been “processed” by high temperature pyrolysis. The pyrolysis process not only produces stable carbon form – charcoal, but also produces by-products such as syngas and liquid tar. Both of these by-products can be used as fuel for power generation or heating.

Charcoal making machine, based on the traditional technology and the latest pyrolysis technology, can continuously realize the production of biochar. Charcoal is widely used in industry, agriculture, environment and other fields due to its abundant raw materials and excellent performance.

Biochar is rich in raw materials and has excellent performance.It can be used as high-quality energy, soil improver, reducing agent, slow release carrier, or carbon dioxide sealant, widely applied in carbon sequestration, water purification, heavy metal adsorption and soil improvement, etc. It can provide a solution to the global concerns of climate change, environmental pollution and soil functional degradation to a certain extent.

Why is it so valuable?


In the charcoal manufacturing industry, we can carbonize biomass wastes (wood, bamboo, coconut shell, straw, sawdust, rice husk, fruit shell, bagasse, excrement and domestic waste) into charcoal. This type of biochar has good combustion performance and high calorific value. In addition, due to the characteristics of smokeless, non sparking and non harmful chemical additives, biochar is widely used in barbecue and hookah industries. At the same time, biochar can also be used as fuel in the industrial field, widely used in cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants and other industries. It is a good substitute for coal.

Soil Fertilizer

Biochar can be used as fertilizer for mixed soil, because the elements in the biochar are conducive to increasing the content of P, Mg, K, N and Ca in the soil, and can improve the soil fertility, thus greatly increasing the yield of crops.

Biochar has a strong adsorption capacity. When it is put into the soil, some organic pollutants and heavy metals will be absorbed, which can play a role in soil remediation. Therefore, the quality of soil can be greatly improved.

Activated Carbon

The biochar can be used as the raw material of the activated carbon. After further treatment by the activation equipment, the biochar can be made into the activated carbon with high value in the market.

Activated carbon has high commercial value and is widely used in water purification, sewage treatment, air purification, household adsorption, etc.

How to make Biochar?

continuous carbonization machine is the main biochar production equipment , also known as continuous biochar machine . It can process various biomass raw materials to obtain biochar. As a leading manufacturer of biochar production equipment in China,  continuous carbonization machine must be your best choice.

The raw materials that meet the standard are put into the drum of the continuous carbonization machine through the conveyor, and the biochar is obtained by high temperature carbonization in a micro-oxygen environment. At the same time, by-products such as combustible gas, wood vinegar and tar are also produced in the process. Biochar quality will vary due to differences between raw materials.

Working principle of carbonization

The carbon-containing biomass materials are subjected to dry distillation and oxygen-free heating, and are pyrolyzed into combustible gas, tar and charcoal through moisture removal.

Flammable gas can be collected and used as fuel.

Tar can be used after separation and purification.

Note: In summary, the working principle of carbonization is the same, but according to different materials, different finished product requirements and output requirements, the selected equipment is also different. To be engaged in the carbonization industry, it is particularly important to choose suitable carbonization equipment.

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The biochar produced by charcoal making machine has high commercial value. If you want to engage in the biochar industry, consult us, we can provide you with professional guidance and a full set of production line equipment such as crusher machines, dryer machines, carbonization machines, briquette machines, etc.


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