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Sawdust Extrude Machine

Charcoal stick briquette machine is one of the main equipment for charcoal briquette ,can be charcoal powder, carbon residue, bamboo charcoal, coconut husk charcoal, rice husk charcoal and other raw materials can be extruded. The finished rods produced can be used for various environmental protection applications such as barbecues and heating, and are also widely used in industries such as chemical, metallurgy and ceramic firing.

Working principle of Sawdust Extrude Machine

When the charcoal stick briquette machine is working, the materials after bonding and mixing are fed into the feeding barrel. Under the action of the motor and the reducer, the pulverized coal at the rear of the barrel is strongly pushed forward by the screw, and the pulverized coal is compressed and formed by the forming barrel. , And finally extrude from the die hole of the front head.

Product Advantages

(1)The feed screw lead is large, the feed is fast, and the advancing screw lead is small, which saves power.

(2)The shaft seat and the cylinder are rigidly connected, with high concentricity, anti-reverse thrust, and the machine is stable.

(3)V-belt drive, smooth operation, low noise, and at the same time play a role in overload protection.

(4)The main shaft link adopts a chain, which has good stability, good economy and convenient maintenance compared with the coupling.

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