Industry dynamics

Working principle of Continous Carbonization Furnace

A-Drying stage: temperature 160-200 ℃ in the process of evaporation of water in the raw materials.The wood chips are fully in contact with hot air and then discharged from the output air locker for machine carbonizatio.
B-Initial carbonization stage: temperature is 200-400℃, the raw materials are self-igniting, and thermal decomposition reaction occurs. In this process, there will be CO₂, CO and wood acetic acid production.
C-Overall carbonization stage: temperature is 400-800℃, the material is fully carbonized, in the process there are CH₄, C₂H₂ and other combustible gases, providing flammable gas for the initial carbonization stage.
D-Cooling stage: temperature 260-280℃.


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