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Almond Shells Carbonization Project in Australia: Continuous carbonization furnace Shipment

In June 2023, a large-capacity Continuous carbonization furnace is loaded and shipped to Australia. It is expected to convert a large amount of almond shells into charcoal. This will reduce the negative environmental impact of almond shell accumulation and provide economic benefits to the Australian customer. Read to know more!

Project Information of Almond Shell Carbonization Project in Australia

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia;
  • Raw Material: Almond shells;
  • Expected Product: Charcoal;
  • Product Use: Direct sales;
  • Model: CJL-4 Continuous carbonization furnace with 10-15m³/h input capacity.

How Does CJL Group Meet Australian Customer Expectations?

Australian Customer Expectation

  • Large quantities of almond shells accumulate annually, producing unpleasant odors. The customer seeks an effective solution to handle this waste and serve as a demonstration for future global projects.
  • The customer expects the carbonization equipment to meet the stability and safety standards of the Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

CJL’s Actions

  • Confirm Project Information: Communicate with the customer to understand basic project details such as raw materials, processing volume, and site conditions.
  • Solution Proposal: Initially discuss solutions involving drying, crushing, and activation lines with the customer.
  • Project Detail Communication: Discuss the layout, installation, operation, and maintenance of cjl-4 Continuous carbonization furnace and three activated carbon production lines; address equipment accessories; and discuss water, electricity, and gas requirements.
  • Sample Testing: Carbonize almond shell samples sent by the customer and communicate the test report details with them.
  • Customer Visits: Prepare hotel accommodations, technical documents, and other reception arrangements; Host customers multiple times to visit the factory, discuss material testing, and address technical details.
  • Order Signing and Prepayment: Communicate payment details with the customer and sign order documents.

Welcome to Consult Charcoal Production Project

If you are interested in transforming biomass like almond shells into valuable charcoal products, CJL Group is here to assist you every step of the way. Our charcoal making machine, specifically designed for efficiency and environmental sustainability, is ready to meet your production needs. Contact us today to begin your business!


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