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Installation of Continous Carbonization Furnace is Completed in Iran

A set of Continous Carbonization Furnace from Chengjinlai group completes debugging at the production site. During the trial operation, the installation engineer helps the Iranian customer troubleshoot technical problems that may arise in the actual operation. As a result, The customer is satisfied with the machine’s performance.

Below are pictures and video from the running site for your reference.

Installation of CJL-4 Continous Carbonization Furnace in Iran

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the charcoal making machine in Iran. CJL Group’s technical team performs a comprehensive installation service process. We have corresponding execution standards for each stage of installation.

Before Installation

The technical team provides customers with layout drawings, electrical diagrams, assembly drawings, etc. in advance. We also guide customers to do the civil work in advance. In addition, we contact customers in advance to prepare the auxiliary items needed on-site.

During Installation

CJL Group’s installation engineers go to the Iranian customer’s installation site to provide guidance. Engineers assign skilled workers of different types of work to carry out installation. The entire process strictly follows the installation manual standards.

After installation

First, the installation engineer debugs the machine. According to the test operation conditions, engineers make adjustments to the machine. After the preparation work is completed, we will help the Iranian customer train a professional machine operation team.

Get Your Customized Continous Carbonization Furnace

Soon, this set of CJL-4 Continous Carbonization Furnace will be officially put into operation in Iran. If you also have a business plan to produce charcoal from waste biomass, choose Chengjinlai Group. We have corresponding biomass recycling solutions for various industries, such as wood processing, food processing, agricultural planting, etc. Just leave your contact information to get exclusive solutions.


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